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Country Club Services


Successful parking solutions are not only about cars.

“Concerts can be sheer chaos. But CCS has always had a handle on things. A CCS manager always comes in with a plan, completely organized, whether it was for a crowd of a few thousand or more than 15,000. ”

– Colin Conway, Concert Promoter


At Country Club Services, we want to make sure you are completely and totally comfortable in your decision to utilize our services. So if you have questions about us, we have the answers.


» How do I know how many parking attendants I will need?
No need to worry. One of our trained managers will determine how many attendants you will require based on the number of guests and the parking area.
» I’m having a party for 100 at my home and live on a street without any parking. What can I do?
We will find a parking area nearby and shuttle your guests from there to your home.
» How do your attendants look?
Our attendants wear uniforms that consist of black pants, black footwear, a white dress shirt, a burgundy bow tie, and green windbreaker.
» Are you insured?
Yes. We have the most comprehensive coverage available including general liability, garage keepers liability, garage liability, livery insurance, and workers’ compensation.
» How much will it cost?
The cost depends on the number of guests, the length of the event, and the layout of the site. One of our managers will look at your site.
» What happens if it rains?
Our attendants use large golf umbrellas to walk your guests from your door to their vehicle.
» Is there management on site?
Managers arrive on site prior to the commencement of the event and remain until after the last guest has left.


» How large are your shuttles?
Our vehicles are 13 passenger vans.
» Many of my guests are elderly. How can they climb on and off of a van?
The vehicles are “easy step” with a center aisle and high roof. No climbing is required.
» How many shuttles do I need?
Based on the number of guests and the location of the parking and drop-off areas, a planning manager will help determine the number with you.
» What if a guest must leave the event early?
The shuttles are available throughout the entirety of the event.
» Do you have the proper livery insurance to provide this service?
Yes. We have the necessary livery insurance, coverage in excess of $5M. This is greater than the state mandated coverage of $1.5M.
» Do you have greeters for shuttles when picking up at public places?
Yes, we can provide greeters to coordinate these pick ups.


» What will the directors wear?
Our parking directors are uniformed with iridescent yellow vests or jackets over white shirts, black pants, and shoes.
» Do you provide equipment?
Yes, we provide cones, barricades, flags, flash lights, and walkie talkies.
» What about night events?
We can provide portable lights to meet your needs.
» I plan to charge for parking. Can you help?
We provide cashier services with ticketing and cash control.


» What is the largest event that you do?
There is no maximum (or minimum) size.
» What if my event is not in New Jersey?
We do events throughout the entire continental United States.