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Country Club Services


Successful parking solutions are not only about cars.


Our services aren’t just limited to events. We move people. We move people whenever and wherever they need to be moved. From greeters at airports to transporting your employees from off-site parking to your place of business, we can handle it all.


» guest

Sometimes you need to get your guests from point A to point B, quickly and comfortably. Trained and uniformed drivers will pick your guests up in our fully insured “pop top” vans or golf carts, depending on your needs. They can transport your guests to and from a variety of locations. They can transport your guests from the parking area to the event, or for events such as weddings, transport your guests between hotel to the church to the reception site. We also can provide limousine service for guests from airport and train stations to hotels.

» employees

If your current employee parking lot becomes unavailable for whatever reason, CCS can offer you a solution. We can provide fully insured easy step vans with a center aisle to shuttle your employees from the off-site location to your place of business. CCS will work closely with your operations or security department to identify potential parking sites, determine the required number of spaces based on your number of employees, and then develop a schedule based on your company’s needs.

» greeters

If you have guests coming in from out of town, CCS can provide uniformed and trained personnel to greet your guests in public locations such as airports and train stations. Our staff will not only be able to welcome your guests, but they’ll be able to direct them and provide useful information.

» concierge & taxi dispatch

At CCS, we’ll get your guests from here to there. Even in the middle of major metropolitan areas. At large downtown areas of cities where taxi-travel is essential, we can set up and staff a cab stand to coordinate taxi dispatch for your guests.